Why is Sex so Painful For Some Women?

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And what they can do in order to stop it from being painful.

First of all, this article does not intend to talk about the first sexual experience. We know, that is often a little bit painful for many women. And actually, there is not much they can do about it. But as long as the partner it thoughtful, the experience should really be rather pleasant. But enough about that. Let us focus on pain that occurs repeatedly during intercourse.

Painful intercourse should not happen. A woman deserves to have a great sex life without pain. She should be able to enjoy sex and to actually look forward to it. However, the expectation of pain probably does not allow her to do that. And that is something that needs to be changed.

If you happen to experience pain during intercourse, then you will need to realize that it is not normal. We know that majority of women probably do not pay that much attention to this inconvenience. We know that many of you tend to avoid sex, thinking that it is the best solution, however, it is not. It can actually ruin your relationship. And you probably do not want that.

Seriously, thre are better ways of dealing with this problem. You know, the problem is that painful intercourse is a sign of some problem that is bigger. And you need to deal with that problem before it gets even bigger. So, if the pain is your issue, then you should visit your doctor. Only a doctor can tell you what exactly is causing your pain. It can be an infection, it can be an injury, or it can be a trauma or an STD… Well, it can be multiple things. Too many to be able to find out yourself. On the other hand, sometimes it can be just a dry vagina. Vaginal dryness is a problem that women on menopause are very familiar with. Luckily, hormonal treatment can help them deal with this problem. Also, longer foreplay or a lubricant can hlep. Well, it is important that you know your body and that you do not push it into something it is not ready for.

Vaginismus is also an issue that can cause pain. It is quite common, however, it can cause some serious issues. And the truth is, not many women who have it are aware of that.

Well, just do not get used to the pain during intercourse. As you cna see, it is not a normal thing and it always is a sign of a bigger problem. A problem that needs to be taken care of!

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