What Women Hate About Guys In The Gym

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Guys, if you want to meet some women in the gym, then you shoul definitely read this list of things that women hate about you. Well, what else can we say? Just enjoy it!

Staring while working out. Seriously, sitting at the opposite piece of equipment and staring at a girl while she exercises is probably not going to do any good.

Taking selfies. Seriously guys. Girls do this!

Staring as their cleavage. Whether it is in the mirror, or wherever. The girl always knows! So, please, stop.

The smell of the sweat. Yeah, it is not sexy despite what you probably think.

When they do sets with a girl and they share the same machine with her. Why, why would you do that, guys?

The grunting. Just put the weight down, if you cannot make it without grunting.

A sick person. Someone who coughs constantly just to piss all the people off.

A guy who always wears the same T-shirt. Always.

Being on the phone while being in the gym.

When a guy sits on a machine, does not use it and simply uses his phone.

Just talking to a girl simply because she is a girl.

And the list could go on and on. But, you probably get the idea now, right?

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