Things You Can Be Happy Without (But You Think You Cannot)

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We sometimes believe that we need certain things in order to be happy in life. Whether it is a house, a car, or something like that, the truth is that we actually do not need everything we think we do. Perhaps we only think that because other people say that. Well, that does not matter. What matters is, that happiness is something that comes from within and not from the things we own. So, read the list of things you do not need in your life in order to be happy and think about it!

  1. Home theatre – many people think that they simply need to have a gigantic TV in their living room so that they can make movie marathons, however, to be honest, how many times did they actually do the marathon? Well, seriously, think whether you really need that most expensive TV they have. Your friends, when they finally come will probably be fine watching the programme on an average TV.
  2. Winning lottery – seriously, you should not rely on winning lottery and instead, invest your time and money into something more meaningful.
  3. Starting a new hobby by buying the most expensive equipment. Seriously? How can you be so sure that you are actually going to like it that much?
  4. Labels – people think that if they are not wearing as much labelled clothes as possible, they are nobody.
  5. A huge apartment – we often believe that we need to buy the biggest apartment or house possible. But, is it really the best option?
  6. The most expensive first dates – women do not need this. Well, most of them.
  7. An expensive car – what for, if all you use it for is to drive yourself to work.

So, how many things of these do you believe you need?

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