The Relationship Zones Worse Than Friend Zone

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Do you know which relationshipo zones are way worse than friend zone? Well, if you do not, then we have the list of the worst relationship zones ready for you! Just read and enjoy!

  1. The zone in which you think that no one you like is interested in you. And that only those you do not really want to have anything with. But is it really true? Should you not give those people a chance? You know, get to know them and them judge? Well, it is probably worth considering, don´t you think?
  2. The zone where you always need to be in a relationship. Constantly. With anyone. And so you end up being in a relationship that is not worth much, but that is okay with you, because hey, you are in a relationship, how awesome, right?
  3. The zone in which you do not really have any feelings for your girlfriend, however, you remain in the relationship simply because it is something you have been doing for so long that you cannot imagine doing anything else.
  4. The zone in which you do not really want to ruin the friendship you have. A very sad zone. A very, very sad zone. I mean, are you really willing to torture yourself and not give it a shot just because you are too afraid that it might ruin your friendship? If you do, then you probably do not like her that much and you should probably just stay friends. But that means that you should start looking for someone else, you know.
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