The Countries That You May Not Want To But Should Visit!

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If you happen to be way past behind the same old tourist desitnations which are loaded with tourist and have actually lost their sparkle, you might want to look for some other new, undiscovered destinations. Those that still have something extraordinary to offer. Well, if you do not really have any idea about such destination, then let me give you some tips!

But warning, once you will go to one, you will want to go everywhere!

  1. Ethiopia – this one is absolutely awesome. I know that when you hear Africa, you propably imagine famine and poverty, however, Ethiopia is now a country that has so much to offer! So once you get some more information about the country you will definitely want to leave just as soon as possible.
  2. Cuba – there is no place like Cuba. It simply has its atmosphere! And you experience it whole once you get there.
  3. Iran – this country is simply beautiful. And I know that you probably have prejudices, when it comes to travelling to Middle East countries.
  4. Indonesia – do not believe all the catastrophic news about Indonesia. You should not skip on this country just because of that!
  5. Colombia – I know that some of you would probably not go to this country because you think that it is one of the most dangerous places, however, you should know that it is no longer true! In fact Colombia is becoming safer and safer.

So, which country are you going to travel to? Perhaps you should do some research, right?

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