Stop Doing These Things And Your Sex Life Will Get Better

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If you think that your sex life is not as good as it used to be, stop looking for the cause. Because, the truth is, it may be you! Well, that sounds ugly, but think about it. And stop doing these things, if you are doing them. Then, your sex life will improve! We promise!

  1. Stop being a jerk. We know, you have lots of problems and everybody is driving you crazy, but does your partner really deserve the way you treat her? I strongly doubt that. So stop doing that and try to be nice. Because that is what she deserves, right?
  2. Do not make assumptions. Sometimes, women do not want to have sex. But it is not always because we are angry. So, instead of feeling betrayed or whatever, try to talk about it with her. You will be surprised by how much you will actually learn!
  3. Sometimes the thing to blame for low sex drive is the food you eat and the fact that you are not very active, or too active. Well, it does not matter, just try to be more healthy and you will be surprised!
  4. Do not leave sex for later. Plan it. You both need to be in mood and sometimes, your partner may need some more time to prepare.
  5. Cheating. Well, okay, it can improve your personal sex life, but definitely not the one you two have in a relationship.  So unless you want to get out of the relationship, do not do it.
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