Sexual Anxiety: How to Break Your Boundaries

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Can you deal with a sexual anxiety? Of course you can!

So, you are dealing with sexual anxiety. And it is really, really upsetting because you do not seem to know why it is happening to you. And you do not even realize what is actually happening to you. Well, we understand, it is difficult to find out whether you are dealing with sexual anxiety or not, but let me help you.

First of all, let´s have a look at the symptoms of sexual anxiety:

Well, the worst thing is that you find it difficult to get aroused. That is probably the thing that upsets everyone. Also, if for some reason you keep avoiding sex, sexual anxiety can be the reason. Another problem with sexual anxiety is that it only gets worse. Once it ruins your sexual intercourse, it keeps ruining it for long because it only causes you to feel more anxious.


So, what can you do if you think that sexual anxiety might be your problem? Well, you should try tofind out what is causing it. Most often, the problem is the performance anxiety. Or, the fear of not performing well in bed. However, this is usually a problem in the beginning of a new relationship.

Anyway, what are the things you cna do in order to get rid of this anxiety.

One of the options you have is to visit your doctor and talk about the options. Perhaps you will need a therapy to be able to deal with this issue and maybe, the only thing you need is to talk to your partner. Speaking about your problem can actually help you get over it. Whatever the issue is, your partner will understand and definitely will help you feel better.

Also, taking things slow might be a good idea. Make things romantic, do not push yourself into anything. Turn up some music, light the candles. Just relax.

And stop worrying about everything. Sex is supposed to be great and relaxing. It is supposed to be something you two do together in your free time. Something that makes you both happy.

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