Salad Mistakes We Make

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Eating a salad equals eating healthy, right? Well, you would probably think that it is so, but is it realy truth? Is every salad a healthy salad? That is quite difficult to say with all the dressings and toppings you can now get. Therefore, let us have a look at some biggest salad mistakes that we all make! Shall we?

  1. You think that when you go for fat-free dressing, it will save you. Well, that is not true. Fat-free dressing are usually loaded with sugars, so, they may actually be even worse for you!
  2. You are having Mexican-inspired salads, with tortillas and sour cream or shredded cheese.
  3. You sprinkle your salad with bacon bits.
  4. Instead of having regular nuts, you have candied.
  5. Using dried fruit to sweeten your salad.
  6. Having some croutons with your salad.
  7. Instead of having a salad, you have a wrap. And you think that it is the same!
  8. Having too much of the healthy stuff.
  9. Having fried meat with your salad. It would probably be healthy to have no meat at all.

So? Are you having salad for lunch?


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