How to give her great sex?

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Alright, you’ve probably seen countless articles, videos, blogs, magazines, and more throughout the years claiming that they know the absolute keys to giving a woman great sex. Tips, tricks, techniques, all used in combinations to make the experience absolutely pleasurable for any woman have been quoted over and over again. Let’s face it, you have probably actually sought out some of this advice before, haven’t you? It’s okay, there’s no reason to be embarrassed by it. It doesn’t mean you’re somehow bad at sex just because you want to give your female partner a better sexual experience. And these tips and tricks aren’t all just smoke and mirrors, either. Some of them certainly can help. The bottom line, though, is giving your female partner great sex, essentially starts with her.


Women may not always be as ‘ready to go’

It’s important to realize that women may not always be as ‘ready to go’ as we can be, and that has little to do with whatever sexual position you can ‘wow’ her with. Chances are, giving her great sex starts long before the bedroom.

A woman’s sex drive, or libido, is undoubtedly the most important factor in what will determine ‘great’ sex for her. The physical aspect of what you can do and how you can perform only goes so far, but if her body is not revved up the way it needs to be, sex can sometimes feel lacklustre for her, or leave her feeling somewhat unsatisfied. You don’t want that, and she definitely doesn’t want that.

Making sure your female partner’s libido is healthy will most likely start with a conversation. Yeah, we know, that sounds like it could be awkward, right? Have no fear! There’s a good chance that by opening up the discussion and showing that you care about your sex life feeling good for her will actually be appreciated, and she might open up about how it makes her feel, what works, and what doesn’t more than you might expect.


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Natural libido increasers

If you do find, mutually, that she either doesn’t have the high sex drive she wants, or is struggling to really get in the mood, there are certainly options to consider. These can range from products as serious as prescription medications, to things like over the counter pills or creams. Or, less invasive, natural libido increasers, such as Spanish Fly Pro, which are squeezable drops that go into a beverage, and have been proven to increase libido naturally by over 300% with no negative side effects. Spanish Fly Pro have even been statistically tested and proven to give many women their first orgasm, and multiple orgasms.

Whatever route you choose, and even if you want to stick with those initial ‘tips and tricks’ to give her great sex, don’t forget that in order for it to be really great for her, it has to start with her being completely ready, with a healthy libido. Consider having a talk with your sexual partner about how sex could be greater for her, and possible solutions to increase her sex drive and make each experience feel like pure ecstasy for both of you.

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