How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

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Let me just give it to you straight: You should wash your sheet more often than you think. Perhaps, some of you wayyyy more often. Because as a survey made by Ergoflex found, some men wash their sheets like every three months. Every three months, that is right. It is like, 4 times a year. Can you imagine sleeping in the same sheets, unwashed sheets for three months. Well, that is just disgusting.

So, if you belong to this group, let me just explain to you why you should be washing your sheets more often. Well, you spend like, one third of a day in your bed. Some people spend there even more. And during this time, your skin, your sweat, everything gets onto your sheets and of course, bacteria. However, even though they may not be harmful, the longer you have your sheets unwashed, the more they multiply. And the harder it is then for your wahing mashine to get rid of them. So that is why you should consider washing your sheets every one or two weeks. You will feel the difference of the quality of your sleep, I promise!

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