Cruel Things That Women Do To Men

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Women can be cruel. We all know that. And the worst thing is that they are just as cruel to their men as they are to other women. Although, they will never admit it, women are way more cruel than men can be. Don´t you believe, Just look at these most cruel things that women do to men and see for yourself!

  1. Giving a man their number but not answering his calls. Or giving fake number. Instead of explaining why they are not interested.
  2. Using guys for free drinks. Some guys like to buy drinks to women. However, they hope that it will get them at least their number. Usually, they get nothing.
  3. They cry simply to manipulate men. This one, is not nice.
  4. They think that it is okay if they slap their boyfriend. Like, really, men cannot, but women can?
  5. They criticize their boyfriends in public. In front of their or his friends. Well, they would not like being criticized either, right?
  6. They flirt without informing a guy that they have a boyfriend.
  7. They use sex as a weapon. Meaning, they boycott sex so that they win an argument.
  8. They use the phrase “if you really loved me”.
  9. They want guys to be jealous. And so they flirt.

Guys be careful. Women may not do these things intentionally, but still, they do them. So be careful!

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