A Poor Man’s Guide to Women’s Libido

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Is female libido really that complicated to understand? Read and find out!

The difference between men and women is definitely in their libido. While male libido seems to be very simple to understand, female libido is a lot more complex. Fortunately, we can help you get a hint of what female libido is about.

And trust me, it really is not that complicated as it seems. Well, only a little. But that is up to you to decide, right?


Well, if you need any information, then here is a list of tips that you might find useful!

  1. Women are driven by emotions. They need to feel loved. And they need to feel pretty. So giving her compliments and telling her how beautiful she is, is probably a good investment.
  2. Women also like to dress up in order to feel attractive. Well, that is probably common for both men and women.
  3. Stress kills female libido. If she has too much at work, then no wonder she cannot enjoy a romantic night.
  4. A woman needs to be able to relax and enjoy sex. She cannot simply switch between being stressed and angry and being in mood.
  5. Her libido is fragile. But there are many factors affecting it and therefore you should not give up trying! Any small thing you do could really improve your sex life.
  6. Menopause also affects female libido. But again, hormonal treatment can help with this issue.

Well, we hope that everything is now clearer to you. And if not, then you will probably just have to listen, watch and learn a little. And talk to her! Do try to have a conversation about your sex life. An open conversation. And please, do not stop trying. Relationships require work.


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