3 Reasons Why Better Sex in Marriage Keeps the Flame Alive

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Married couples are different from couples who are in a relationship for a few months. Well, believe it or not, marriage is different. And the longer you are married, the more different your life is. You no longer only live for love. First two years are probably crazy, however, then, you start getting sober. And you start realizing that you have a life that needs to be lived and although love is fun, you have things that need to be done.

And also, you start noticing all the negative things about your relationship. And you start realizing, that it requires some hard work for a relationship to really work.


But of course, your sexual life is beginning to get worse and worse. And you do not know what to do about it. So you start panicking. Or you do nothing. And you pretend that everything is fine.

Unfortunately, it is not. And if you do not start doing anything, then you sill be probably surprised. But not pleasantly surprised.

So, one of the things that usually causes a marriage to fall apart is sex. Or the lack of sex. This is often a problem that can be solved. And if you decide to do something about it, well, you might save your marriage. Do you not believe it? Well, then check out these reasons why better sex will improve your marriage!

  1. Intimacy is important. If you are not intimate, then you are just friends. The more you touch each other, the stronger your love is. Believe it!
  2. Maybe sex is not important for you, but it definitely is important for your partner. And if you do not do anything, then maybe he will start looking for someone else.
  3. Sex will improve your mood. And you will be less anygry with your partner. Seriously. If you keep getting angry with your husband everyday, then having more sex will keep you from getting angry. The less stress you have, the better your marriage will be.

So, what do you think? Is good sex life in marriage important? Probably yes, right? Then what are you waiting for? Talk to your partner and try to come up with something exciting that could actually save your relationship! Do not give in, fight for your relationship!

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